Troop Eagle Scout Honor Roll

YearScoutProject Description
2015-12Matthew RelkinInstalled flag pole at the Alvernia Sports Complex.
2015-10Sean MusserBuilt storage shelves in basement and loft in storage shed for Mohn's Hill Church.
2015-07Nathan HartmanCleared a wooded area for the construction of the parking lot at the Buxton Conservancy.
2015-07Callum SmithInstalled devices for veterans grave markers throughout historic graveyards for the Berks Country Historic Graveyard Preservation Society.
2015-07Austin MytychBuilt and placed several benches along the trails of the Buxton Conservancy.
2015-03Charles Wagner IIIPlaced survey markers around the border of the Buxton Conservancy to mark boundaries between the property and local property owners.
2014-12Patrick HoferCreated a hiking trail at the Buxton Conservancy (Brecknock Twp.)
2014-12Kyle SchlouchInstalled an information sign board at the Buxton Conservancy (Brecknock Twp.)
2014-12Samuel KerrInstalled trail markers along road intersections of the Horseshoe Trail
2014-06Frederick Sanford
2013-12Dylan HummelPlanted trees at Joanna Furnace to help parking lot flow.
2013-11Jeffrey Gable Refurbished a cabin at The Mount religious retreat.
2013-09Vaughn GoldenBuilt a butterfly waystation in the courtyard of Cumru Elementary School.
2012-12Benjamin KleinBuilt a trail map pavillion that provides information to hikers using the blue access trail from the Brecknock Twp. building to the Horseshoe Trail.
2012-11Devon SakachRebuilt two trail bridges for Blue Marsh Lake.
2012-09Dale SandsCoordinated with the Brecknock Twp Fire Company to place house number markers on mailboxes in the township to aid rescue personnel in finding addresses
2012-08Christian JohnsonBuilt several bookshelves for the library at AELC
2012-08Evan BulcavageBuilt a hands-on outdoor exploration center at Nolde Forest for young children
2012-03Joseph SinclairBuilt a pavillion for trap shooting at Camp Conrad Weiser in Wernersville
2012-01Robert DiPuppoPainted a large youth stage at Glad Tidings Assembly of God
2012-01Bradley BixlerBuilt a horizontal climbing wall at Camp Conrad Weiser in Wernersville, PA
2011-09Ehnan BehringerLandscaping project outside of St. Stephens Polish Church on Rt. 625
2011-03Kyle WillsRerouted a section of the Horseshoe trail in Brecknock Twp.
2011-02Jerid CullumJerid led a crew to develop a new connector trail from the Brecknock township building to the Horseshoe Trail.
2010-03Bryce SakachRefurbished meditation area at Caron Foundation.
2010-03Joshua MinnichPlaced land bridges over wetland area in Angelica Park, and cleared trail.
2010-01Nicholas BilskiInstalled a teaching station at Nolde Forest Education center.
2010-01Dennis Swartz, Jr.Created a meditative walkway at his church.
2010-01Andrew WagnerInstalled new flooring and a closet at the Opportunity House in Reading.
2010-01Nathan KleinInstalled playground curbing at Montrose Manor playground.
2010-06Michael O'HareBuilt a lockable secure room for files and did some painting at the Opportunity House in Reading.
2009-08Justin ChenRefurbished and repainted park benches at Mohnton Playground.
2009-08Nathan HeinlyRefurbished a historical lock and surrounding area along Schuylkil River.
2009-04Cory KercherCreated a memorial garden at Shillington Park.
2009-02Kyle NossPlaced trailmarkers on the Horseshoe Trail, gaining landowners permission
2009-02Michael SchlouchPainted a hallway and trimming at Opportunity House
2008-11Parker ShawInstalled concrete ramp at Brecknock Elementary
2008-11Justin WingenrothLandscaping and flower garden at St Benidicts Church
2008-10James Cullum, JrPainted social room at Allegheny Lutheran Church
2008-06David BixlerInstalled a storage shed at the John Paul II center
2008-01Benjamin MattAdded shelves and painted outbuildings at Allegheny UCC
2008-01Kyle Neumullerrepainted a pavilion at Allegheny UCC
2007-10Alex ConradAlex developed a historical trail and patch for the city of Reading.
2007-09Max SmithInstalled a fence to separate the parking area from the activity area at Camp Lily --an Easter seals camp This helped to protect the children from the vehicles
2007-06Jon BechtelJon provided community education on emergency preparedness, including support through a newsletter and public meetings.
2007-06Nevin JohnsonDrainage improvement project at AELC.
2006-06Wesley StefanickWesley renovated and re-planted a garden area at Wernersville State Hospital at one of the patient buildings. The changes were a dramatic improvement over the prior overgrown and uncared for garden.
2006-02Scott BeckerScott recognized that Allegheny Lutheran Church did not have emergency exit maps in any of the rooms, like you see in hotels, schools, and businesses. Scott had students in his CAD class produce the exit maps, and the scouts install them in the church
2005-12Andrew ChaveasWhen Zachary Matt had done his Eagle project providing steps to the serenity garden in back of the church, Drew noticed that the back porch of the church could be connected to the steps with a walkway and garden. His project involved landscaping the area behind the church and installing a walkway.
2005-09Andrew ChenAndrew noticed that the chairs in his church's youth activity room had nowhere to go, other than being piled up against the walls. Andrew's project involved designing and having chair racks built to neatly store the chairs when they are not in use.
2005-08Vincent BrunoVince was inspired to do a project for the Mifflin Center since his grandmother was once cared for at that facility. His project involved installing a deck off of the one patient activity room to allow patients access to the outdoors. The project also involved landscaping, and installation of bird and squirrel feeders.
2004-04Chris Magill Chris' project involved marking hiking and fire trails in Shillington park. This included cleaning trails, marking the trails, and also producing a map of all trails for both emergency and recreational use.
2004-03Brendon Minnich Brendon's project involved renovating a flower bed in one building at Wernersville State Hospital, and designing and installing a butterfly garden and wheelchair accessible sidewalk and patio in a patient building.
2004-01Zachary Matt Zac's project involved landscaping a set of steps into the hillside behind Allegheny Lutheran Church to make access to the serenity/prayer garden much easier.
2003-12Casey NossCasey's project involved painting house numbers on sidewalks in a housing development in Sinking Spring. This was done to help emergency services more quickly locate house addresses.
2002-12Timothy KoreckyTim's project involved a renovation of the bleachers at Mohnton Park. This involved scraping the old paint from the bleachers, and repainting them. Also, the project involved the painting of new signs for the home and visitors bleachers.
2002-07Joshua Van Schaick Josh's project involved laying out orienteering trails at Camp Conrad Weiser. The project also involved the clearing of a trail/road used for hayrides at the camp.
2002-05Michael Beidler Michael's project involved the renovation of playground equipment at Calvary Church, including the scraping and re-staining of wooden playground equipment, and grounds improvement.
2001-10Grant Duffin Grant's project was a renovation of the basement at the American Red Cross in Reading. This involved a re-organization of stored items, and building of storage shelves. This project was very successful, and the shelves ended up on the front page of the Reading Eagle in the background of a picture taken at the Red Cross following September 11th.
2001-05James R. Allen II James' project involved the restoration of an area next to the visitor's center at Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary. The project involved removal of old shrubbery, installation of new shrubbery and flowers, installation of a fence, and finish landscaping with bark mulch. The area also included a walking path for visitors. James had scouts, scout leaders, and family help with his project.
2001-03Michael R. Maniaci Michael's project paved the way for James' project. Michael provided a lot of landscaping and brush removal to the Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary. Michael had to remove old hedgerows, and other grown up brush in the area to clear the way for finish landscaping. Michael had scouts, scout leaders, and family help with his project.
2000-10Brian KoreckyBrian's church is St. John's church in Shillington. He had noticed that when hymnals and Bibles were placed back into the pew racks, there was a noticeable wooden thud. Brian's project involved placing carpeting in every pew hymnal rack in the church to pad the Bibles and hymnals. Brian's project made a noticeable difference to the parishioners, and he had scouts, scout leaders, and family help with his project.
1999-10David ManiaciOne of David's passions is rock climbing. David had noticed that a favorite climbing area on the mountains around Reading had been neglected, vandalized, and litter ridden. David's project involved a rejuvenation of the climbing area, involving a cleanup and general improvement of the area. David had scouts and family help with his project.
1999-03J. Gregory MillerGreg's project involved cooking a meal at church, and delivering a complete holiday meal to families in need in Brecknock area.
1998-11Mark Sargent Mark took a group of high risk youth to Hickory Run State Park on a camping trip, and taught them valuable scouting skills.
1998-07Ryan Stowell Ryan's project involved building the shelves in the closet in the church that are used for the scouting storage areas for both the Cub Pack and the Troop.
1998-03Chris WarousekChris led a project at Nolde Forest to remove man-made improvements on the stream in order to return it to its natural state.
1997-11Scott WertScott's project involved fixing and painting a church in Conshohocken, including painting the sanctuary.
1997-07Daniel M. Sloan, Jr. Dan conducted an Eagle Project at Nolde Forest.
1996-11David John KeiserDavid's project was the construction of an entrance to the Thun Trail, including landscaping, a plaque, and coordinated the project in conjunction with the Greenway Association.
1995-10Scott Miller Scott's project was the development of an adventure/obstacle course at Camp Adahi for younger youth campers.
1994-10Todd M. Baessler Todd led a project to clean Mohnton Park, as well as the area along Wyomissing Creek.
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