Site Update FAQs

How Do I....Description
Calendar: Update the CalendarYou can either log into and enter the username/password, or you can click on the Google+ symbol beneath the calendar in the web site.
Calendar: Subscribe to the Calendar
Calendar: Upload an Event from the Calendar to my personal Calendar
Tables: Update A TableYou must first login to the site, and if you have Author privileges, you will see an "Edit" link below any table in the website.
Tables: Insert a Row in a TableClick on the button to the left of the row, scroll down to the option that says "Insert A Row", and it will insert a blank row above the row you had checked.
Tables: Add rows to the end of the tableScroll down and enter the number of rows that you need to add, and click on "Add Rows"
Tables: Insert a hyperlink to a file in a tableClick on the cell of the table. Click on the button that says "Insert Image". This is a little misleading because it can really insert an image or any file. You will be prompted to click on the cell again. Once you do that, a window will open where you can download the file from your Computer, a URL, or the Media Library. A file would be in the Media Library if it has ever been added before. Click on "All File Types", and you can view it, or search for it, or simply upload the file from your computer. You will be prompted for a name of the file, and then click on "Insert Into Post"
Tables: Insert an image into a cell in a tableFollow instructions above, and choose image size.
Tables: Change the options on a table.Don't. We are trying to maintain consistency across the site, so please do not check/uncheck any of the options towards the bottom of the table updates.
Tables: Insert a hyperlink into the tableClick on the cell of the table, and then click on "Insert Link". It will prompt you for the URL, so it's easier to already have that copied ahead of time and ready to paste in there. It will then ask you for a name for the link, which is the text that you want to appear for the link. Once you select, it will paste the HTML code in the cell. If you just past the link into the cell, it won't render properly.
Users: Modify usersOnly admin users can modify a user profile. If someone subscribes and should have author privileges to modify tables please e-mail
Users: Add UsersUsers can subscribe on their own, but need permissions granted by the Admin
Users: Change PasswordsThis can be done by clicking on the username at the top right of the screen after you have logged in. You can modify your profile and password. This is important to let others know.
Videos: Add VideosFirst, you need a username and password. We have a premium Vimeo account (translate - we pay for it) that enables you to upload videos. If you have been provided the username and password, go to and login. Click on Upload a Video. As you are uploading the video, modify the description, and just as important, on the side click on "Add to", and select the proper channel (Pack, Troop, Crew) or it will not show up on the site or Facebook page properly.
Videos: Assign to Channel LaterOkay, so you forgot to assign to a channel, no big deal. Log in, view your videos, click on the video, and to the right you will be able to assign it to a channel.
Videos: Upload a HD VideoYou can upload an HD video the same as any other. Of course it may take longer to upload, but the Vimeo premium site supports HD videos, and we have a substantial amount of storage space available. There is a limitation on how many you can upload in a week.
Videos: Delete a VideoYou can select the video and delete. Please make sure you are deleting the proper video in your channel, and not someone else's video.
Gallery: Upload PhotosSelect an album first! Very important. Then click on "Add", "Photos" and you can upload as many as you want from your computer. This is much easier in this version.
Gallery: Add an AlbumClick on an Album such as "Troop 2012", and then click on "Add", "Album", and give the album a name. Again, make sure you have that open when you upload photos.
Gallery: Organize Albums (must be a super user)Go into "Album Options", "Organize Albums", and you can drop and drag in the proper order.
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